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Zerebrix offers state-of-the-art software for a wide range of audio and music editors. Our AI technology creates high-quality audio that resembles an original, unprocessed recording – sounding much more natural than other vocal isolation software. Zerebrix’s software is cloud-based, which means you don’t need a specialized computer to use it, and it is not open-source, which means it is one-of-a-kind.

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Each of our products — AudioMint, AudioRose, and AudioMint Mobile — provides different audio editing tools. We offer multiple subscription options so users can pick the plan that best fits their needs. Our goal at Zerebrix is to make audio and video editing tools accessible to users at all levels, from beginners to producers.

Subscription Options

Zerebrix offers several subscription options for users. Based on your work style, budget, and project load, you can decide which subscription is best for you.

Free trial

  • Up to two separations
  • Access to standard version
  • Customer support

Annual subscription

  • Unlimited separations
  • Access to latest updates and patches
  • Customer support

Monthly subscription

  • Unlimited separations
  • Access to latest updates and patches
  • Customer support

Perpetual license

  • Continual access to software
  • Subject to License Terms and Conditions



  • Vocal isolation
    • Highest quality to date
  • AI reconstructs and recovers lost audio
    • More natural, higher-quality sound
    • Eliminates problem of phase interference


  • Extract up to five stems
    • Guitar
    • Vocals
    • Bass
    • Drums
    • Accompaniment
  • One of the first to isolate guitar
    • Uses AI tech to reconstruct guitar so it sounds like the original

AudioMint Mobile

  • Mobile application
  • Extract up to 60 seconds of audio
  • Features of AudioMint and AudioRose
    • Vocal isolation
    • Bass, drums, bass, and accompaniment isolation available for paid subscribers
  • Purchase access with MintCoins
    • Full-length, high-quality separations
    • Up to five stems
    • $1.99 per separation

If you have any technical questions about our products, visit our FAQ page.

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