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Value of Community

We at Zerebrix are excited to create a community of music enthusiasts, ranging from casual editors to full-time music producers. In the audio and video editing arena, sharing work and learning from one another can be beneficial to all parties, perhaps even leading to collaborations. We aim to provide products that excite our community, not only making it easier to complete their projects but opening up conversations that go beyond just technique.

Our primary goal is to enhance your audio and video editing experience. We strive to put our users first, making our products accessible, unique, and state-of-the-art. Our free trial and subscription model are aimed to help those with a smaller budget pay as they go for specific projects. Our cloud-based processing system is designed to make the software usable with your at-home computer with no extra bells and whistles.

We understand that audio engineers, music producers, and video editors need the highest quality tools in order to create the highest quality products. Our team is constantly making improvements to our current software and conducting research to develop new products.