Separate Vocals From Music

Remove vocals and isolate your tracks with cutting-edge software from Zerebrix

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Top Tier Technology

Here at Zerebrix, our goal is to help video editors, music producers, and recording engineers create the highest quality audio and video. We do this by utilizing state-of-the-art AI algorithms and giving users the tools to cleanly separate audio parts from one another, giving you more flexibility with the overall audio.

AI-Powered Applications


The first software to have the capacity to separate vocals from music tracks while maintaining instrumental audio integrity.

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AudioRose 5-Stem Extractor

Split any song into 5 different instruments including vocals, drums, guitars, and bass.

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AudioMint Mobile

A mobile version of our flagship product. State-of-the-art technology allows users to easily isolate or remove vocals from a full mix – all from their mobile device.

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Choose the Best Option for Your Projects

We have several different software tools to help you create the best-sounding audio to date.


Removes Effects - Remove reverb and echo from background tracks with stable vocal isolator technology across a wide variety of songs. This allows for more consistency in all sound production.

Preserves Fidelity - Sample rates – up to 44.1kHz – from the original audio file are preserved after separation, resulting in the full range of dynamics of the original vocal.

User-Friendly - Easy-to-use design allows separation of vocals from music for producers, audio engineers, video editors, post-production professionals, and even the weekend audio enthusiast.

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AudioMint Product
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AudioRose 5-Stem Extractor

Use Any Song - Easily split any song into 5 separate stems. Our advanced AI technology is one of the first to be able to isolate the guitar.

Audio Analysis - Frequency analysis allows for clear reproduction of individual instruments unmixed.

Complex AI That Works For You - AI technology utilizes thousands of music references to learn song samples and distinguish vocals from keys, keys from guitar, drums from bass, and much more.

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Power in Your Palm

Our latest update includes a mobile version of AudioMint. It has all of the same great features as our desktop applications, but is now available for your mobile devices.

AudioMint Mobile

Trusted Track Record - The same trusted technology as our desktop AudioMint software helps users concisely remove and isolate vocals from any sound source, but now from the convenience of a mobile device.

Free Sample Usage - Separate vocals from music, or any music instrumentation up to 60 seconds, for free.

On Popular Platforms - AudioMint Mobile is available on Android, and will soon be available to iOS users – so whatever device you’re on, you’ll be able to separate vocals from your music with efficiency and ease.

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The Right Choice For Audio Separation

The world of digital audio is constantly evolving and here at Zerebrix, we aim to give our users the best audio interface experience possible.

We have several options available to fit your budget. This includes our free trial, monthly and annual subscriptions, and even perpetual licenses.

So whether you’re an audio or video professional or a casual audio enthusiast, start your free trial today to use this incredible new AI technology and create your best recordings yet!